Hello! I'm hoping more people would like to join the wiki once the reboot series beings, if not to contribute but just to read about the show.

I am MizzLotte98, or Charlotte, the creator of Bratz Next Top Model. I decided to cancel the show in 2012 for a number of reasons that I don't want to get into, but if anyone is that curious then just ask me directly.

Over the past six years, I have realised how much I miss Bratz, making videos and the community. I was very stupid to leave and delete everything. This wiki was the only thing I had left for nostalgia.

I decided to reboot the series this July because I know what I'm missing out on. I did it once, I can do it again. There are so many lovely people on YouTube who create and participate in BNTMs to this day, and I want to join them once more.

I'm going to try and use my blog on this site to reveal exclusive information, as well as discuss updates. I will also post these on Twitter .

I will continue to update this wiki with each episode, as I did all those years ago, even if it is for my own enjoyment.

See ya!